Living Meaningful Lives

I believe we all have an innate desire to live meaningful lives.

However, this sometimes just gets lost or buried by the challenges of life.

Hidden by hurt, confusion or helplessness, we sometimes give up on wishing for more out of life and settle for just existing, going through the motions.

Life Solutions is about waking up that deep part of us (our true selves) – the part that embraces life is all its colours – and get back to living our lives with a sense of adventure, purpose and hope.  Meaningful lives.


Life Solutions’s vision is to inspire others / people to live meaningful lives.

Notice that we didn’t say

  • happy lives
  • wealthy lives
  • easy lives, and certainly not
  • perfect lives

‘Meaningful’ is self-defined.  And this is something personal and unique for each of us.

Meaningful lives (we define as)

A life

  1. connected with yourself
  2. connected with others
  3. connected with a sense of purpose

But what this looks like for any one person is entirely unique – and up to them to craft and build in their life.


With a connection to yourself – comes inner strength, wisdom, contentment / peace

With a connection to others – comes a sense of belonging, curiosity and openness, safety

With a sense of connection to purpose – comes feelings of being engaged, inspired, valued, motivated.


In the end only we can decided how we most want to live our lives / spend our lives – what is most likely to bring us a deep sense of purpose, satisfaction and joy.

We believe that when someone is living ‘on their path’ – even if that path is not always clear to them / easy one – that there is a sense of rightness and contentment as they put one foot in front of the other and move forward in their life.

Inspiring people – its more than just supporting, encouraging or advising them.  It is about speaking to their hearts and minds – and reaching them in their homes, and daily lives – in a way that makes them want to grow and become more than they are today.







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