Our Life Programs

Life Programs are professionally developed programs that guide someone through a series of steps to help them make changes in their life.


Through this process they are able to:

*  Deepen their understanding of their current situation

*  Identify any blocks or obstacles that are holding them back

*  Visualise and plan for a more positive future

*  Learn a range of new strategies that promote change

*  Implement these strategies in small, achievable steps

*  Monitor and review the changes made

*  Feel supported and encouraged by others


Our Life Programs include:

 *  The 10 Secrets of Successful Families

       (in the Building Stronger Families community)

*   Spoonie Warriors

      (in the Living Well community)

*  Running on Empty

        (in the Surviving Burnout community)

*  Through Troubled Eyes

(in the Beyond Depression community)


*  Moving through the Storm

     (in The Power of Two relationships community)


*  Letting Go

      (in the Overcoming the Past community)


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