Our Communities



Each Community focuses on one aspect of a person’s life – their relationships, family life, their moods, life stresses and burnout, health and illness  – an area that they may be finding challenging.

By joining a community of like-minded people, it is easier to talk openly about struggles, challenges, joys and successes in life.

Each community has its own Life Program that is a step-by-step guide to help people in the process of making positive changes in their life, in order to move towards living full and meaningful lives.


Our Communities include:

*  Beyond Depression

(with Through Troubled Eyes program)

*  Building Stronger Families

(with The 10 Secrets of Successful Families program)

*  The Power of Two

(with Moving Through the Storm program)

*  Living Well with illness

(with Spoonie Warriors program)

*  Surviving Burnout

(with Running on Empty program)

*   Overcoming the Past

(with Letting Go program)




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